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World's Hardest Game #3 Released! on Jan 31, 2014
By Stevie
Posted in Releases
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The day has finally come! Play The World's Hardest Game #3 now on Addicting Games!


Edit: There was a bug where doors are closed when they shouldn't be after saving/loading. I fixed it, and the updated version of the game should be live soon. You will see "v1.1" on the preloader if you have the fixed version. You may need to clear your browser's cache in order to get the fixed version.

Also, some people have been having issues with lag. If on the menu you disable motion trails and set the quality to low, and it's still lagging, the only thing left to do to reduce lag is make the game smaller in size. The easiest way to do this is to reduce the magnification on your browser (you should be able to hold crtl and use the scroll wheel to do this).
World's Hardest Game 3 Release Date on Jan 17, 2014
By Stevie
Posted in Releases
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I finished The World's Hardest Game #3 near the start of January, and like the games I've gotten sponsored in the past, I assumed it would be released a few days later at most. As it turns out, they have scheduled the release date for January 31, 2014. So it'll be another 2 weeks. I feel bad about getting people excited too early, so sorry about that... I just had no reason to think the release date would be this late. I'll edit this post if there are any updates, but almost certainly it will be Jan 31st.

I have played TWHG3 a lot and it really is very fun. The level design is WAY better than the previous games (especially the later levels), the engine is better (such as hit detection), and the fact that it's more like an adventure game now is probably what most sets it apart from the previous games and makes it much better. I'm really proud of it and I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
TWHG3 Almost Done! on Dec 30, 2013
By Stevie
Posted in Projects
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Edit: The game has been done for a few days, but now there's just some stuff we have to do before it's released that I didn't foresee. So it should be just a few more days.

Edit: Well, I just finished the last level, so now I'm done 100% of the level design! I think the ending of the game is great. :D Apart from having a cutscene at the end, the ending is also a bit different from the previous games in another way. I'll go more into that once the game is released, and why I think it works well.

Great news! Now that I'm on a break from school, I have been working my ass off on The World's Hardest Game #3, and it's almost done! It's entirely possible that I will have it done and released in 2 weeks! Historically, my ability to estimate when my projects will be done has been lolbad, but I actually think 2 weeks is a good estimate this time. This is a really huge deal for me, because I have been working on this game on and off for around 8 months. I can't wait to finally get this weight lifted from my shoulders, but also I very much look forward to seeing how popular it is and how much people like it.

So far I have designed half of level 5, and I feel like it's the best game design work I have ever done by far! I'm just so incredibly happy with how level 5 is turning out; it's really fun, has unique designs, the areas fit well together, and it's ridiculously difficult (without being too cheap)... It makes all of TWHG and TWHG2 look like a complete walk in the park. When the game is released, I will also release a walkthrough video on my YouTube channel, so you can see for yourself how the levels look, even if you aren't skilled enough to get that far in the game. Most people will not be skilled enough to beat level 3, nevermind level 4 and 5, which make level 3 look like child's play.

I said I was going to release another work video of me designing a level, but I've decided not to, mainly because that would waste a bit of time, and I doubt many people liked the first level design video. So instead, I'm just going to work as hard as I can on getting this game released ASAP. That means this will be the last development blog entry for TWHG3.

TWHG3 Lvl 4 Preview on Dec 12, 2013
By Stevie
Posted in Projects
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Here's the trailer for level 4 of The World's Hardest Game #3 that I was talking about. You can expect to play the full game in January 2014, and I should have one more video of me designing a level before then. All I have left to do now is level 5, program the highscore board, write a ton of speech bubbles, test/tweak the game, make the video walkthrough, and fix a ton of bugs; you'd probably be surprised how obscure some of the bugs are in a game as simple as this. It's going to be a lot of work to do before the deadline, but now that I'm on break from school it should be doable.

Edit: This video only shows 10 of the 11 areas in level 4, because I hadn't made the last area yet. I just made it, and it turned out to be my favorite design in the whole game so far! It's unfortunate that I'll have to wait until the game is released before I can show off that area (because I can't edit the video), but oh well. Anyway, I'm really happy with how level 4 turned out.

I can't even describe how mind-numbing / tedious / frustrating / boring / draining making this game is. And now I have to make level 5; probably one of the most difficult things I'll ever do.

TWHG3 Lvl 4 Preview Coming Soon on Dec 5, 2013
By Stevie
Posted in Projects
Comments (3)

Once I finish level 4 of The World's Hardest Game #3 within the next week, I'll be posting another video trailer to show off some of the cooler level designs. This upcoming trailer will probably be the last preview of the game until it's released in January 2014.

Progress has been slow, mainly because I'm finishing up this semester, but also because it's really grueling work to be designing/testing really hard levels all the time. I should be able to get most of the rest of the game done in my break in December, and then release it as planned (since I pushed back the date) in mid January. Right now I'd say the level design is 70% done and the entire game is around 85% done.
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